Standard Terms and Conditions

1. Go Eco Glamping

Your holiday is provided by Go Eco Glamping.  We will not be bound by obvious errors in printed material or online.  Should you want any further clarification about these terms and conditions then please write or send an email to the designated address in [22] below.

2. Bookings

Oakvale is an adult only site and all guests must be at least 18 years old.  Your booking is confirmed and a contract between you and us will exist when we receive payment of the deposit and send you a booking confirmation.  This booking confirmation will normally be sent out by email within 48 hours and will contain the details of your booking and of payments made and due.  If you have not received your booking confirmation within the specified time, please notify us as soon as possible by email (  Please check your confirmation carefully and report any incorrect or incomplete information to us immediately.

When you submit a booking via our online booking system you will receive an automated booking summary by email to the email address you provide when booking.  This does not form a contract between us.  A contract shall only arise when your booking is subsequently confirmed in writing via the booking confirmation sent to you by email.  We only accept bookings from persons aged 18 years or over.  We reserve the right to refuse any booking at our discretion.

3. Confirmation

When you make a booking, you do so on behalf of yourself and all members of your party and the booking is confirmation of understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions by you and each member of your party.

4. Your Accommodation/Facilities

Your accommodation and facilities will be available from 4pm on the first day of your holiday.   The yurt and shepherd’s hut should be left clean and tidy by 11am on the day you leave.

The holiday price includes the following: -

  • access to the site and the grounds surrounding the yurt

  • parking

  • Wi-Fi access (free data is limited and access is subject to acceptance of usage policy at [13] below)

  • electricity, water and gas

  • daily allowance of firewood

  • hire of bed linen (bed will be made up prior to your arrival)

  • hire of towels

  • hire of bath robes

  • hire of sun loungers

  • complimentary slippers

  • complimentary toiletries

  • hire of low wattage hair dryer

  • use of the hot tub

  • use of the fire pit

  • use of kitchen facilities

  • complimentary tea, coffee and hot chocolate


Smoking or vaping is not permitted in the yurt or in the shepherd’s hut.  If you wish to smoke outside then please ask for a container for you cigarette butts and dispose of them properly only in the bins provided, you must not litter the surrounding areas.

Oakvale is completely off grid and during periods of high power consumption or when insufficient solar power is available, it may be necessary to run the on-site generator to recharge the battery bank.  Please be assured that this will only occur if absolutely necessary and for the shortest time possible to replenish the power supply and keep any disturbance to a minimum.

Oakvale has its own water supply from a borehole and the water is extensively filtered before use.  Additionally, a drinking water tap is provided in the shepherd’s hut kitchen and this supply is treated with UV light for further protection.

5. Prices

Our prices vary depending on many factors including time of booking.  Only prices stated on the booking confirmation are binding.  We occasionally advertise special offers and discounts but these will not be applied retrospectively after a booking confirmation has been issued by us.

6. Payments

All bookings are subject to a 50% non-refundable booking deposit.  An invoice for the full holiday price less the deposit already paid will be issued 12 weeks before departure. VAT at the applicable rate is included in all charges.  Payment can be made by PayPal, debit card, bank transfer or credit card.  If you do not pay any invoiced amount within 2 weeks of the issue date the contract shall be deemed to be cancelled by you and any monies already paid shall be forfeited with any further amounts due under our cancellation policy payable in addition.  In the case of bookings made less than 10 weeks before the commencement of the holiday, the full holiday price is payable on booking and is non-refundable.

7. Changes to your booking

Alterations to your booking can only be made more than 10 weeks prior to the check in date, after which time alterations will be treated as cancellation. All alterations are subject to availability and may incur a fee.  No refunds will be given where a change results in a reduction in the value of the booking.

To cover for accidents, illness, bereavement and transport difficulties as well as extreme weather conditions and other circumstances which may prevent you taking your holiday or curtail it, we strongly advise that you have valid holiday insurance in place that will provide suitable cover.  If you have to cancel or change your booking or curtail your holiday due to any such circumstances we do not make refunds or guarantee transfers but will assist with documentation for processing your claim with your chosen holiday insurance provider.

8. Our cancellation policy

If you cancel your stay more than 10 weeks in advance then your deposit is transferable (once only) to another date (up to a maximum of 6 months ahead) provided the booking is of equal value.  If the new dates mean the booking will be of greater value then the difference will be paid by you.  Any change is subject to a £25 admin charge.  If you decide to completely cancel more than 10 weeks before the start of your holiday, your deposit will be forfeited.  If you cancel within 10 weeks of your holiday starting, then the entire holiday price will be payable.  If you decide to terminate your holiday early, for whatever reason, no refunds will be given.

Any cancellation made by you, for whatever reason, must be in writing or by email and addressed to us at our designated address in [22] below.

9. Non-Availability

In the unlikely event that your booked holiday becomes unavailable following confirmation of the booking or changes are necessary to the booking for reasons outside our control, we undertake to notify you as soon as reasonably possible.  If it is not possible to rebook your holiday or arrange alternative accommodation (or if you do not wish to accept the alternative accommodation) the booking will be cancelled with a full refund of all monies paid, and we shall not have any further obligation or liability for non-availability, changes or cancellation as referred to in this condition.

10. Arrival and departure

Check in time is between 4pm and 6pm.  We strongly recommend you arrive prior to 6pm but we do understand that you may be delayed in traffic or due to reasons beyond your control.  In the event of a delay please phone or text +447788171878 with your revised ETA.

Check out time is 11am on the day of departure.

11. Your Responsibilities

Please note that once confirmation is received you have a contract with Go Eco Glamping.  As such it is your responsibility to behave in a proper, appropriate and legal manner whilst staying at Oakvale showing due respect to us, our neighbours and everything on the site.  You are responsible for informing us of any losses or damage as soon as possible so we may repair or replace the item.  Please note that you may be liable to pay for any losses or damage caused by you or a member of your party (except reasonable wear and tear).  You must also leave the property by the check-out time specified on your booking.

If any guest behaves inappropriately or improperly (of which we will be the final judge), or illegally, we reserve the right to ask the guest and their party (at their discretion) to leave the site before the end of the holiday period and/or refuse any future bookings from you.  No refunds for any unspent portion of the holiday will be given.  In addition, we reserve the right to sue the guest for any loss, damage or injury caused to us, the site and its facilities or to other guests and/or their property.

12. Your Personal Details & Privacy

We are required to keep a register of guests over the age of 16 who stay with us, this includes full names and nationality, and/or passport numbers, place of issue, details of next destination if they are non-British, Irish or Commonwealth guests.  This is in accordance with the (Immigration (Hotel records) Order 1972).  These records are kept for a minimum of 12 months and in accordance with the DPA (Data Protection Act 1998) and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) [which comes into force in May 2018].

Our policy surrounding the personal details you provide as part of any booking or enquiry through this website / or third party website, including the privacy of those details are explained and set out in our Privacy Policy which is available on the website.

You accept that any entries you make to an on-site guest book, if available, will not contain personal information or details you would not want disclosed. Any entries containing personal details that may fall into the DPA and GDPR may be removed and destroyed.

13. Wi-Fi Terms of Use

By accepting this agreement and accessing the wireless network, you acknowledge that you are of legal age, you have read and understood, and agree to be bound by this agreement.

The wireless network service is provided by the property owners and is completely at their discretion. Your access to the network may be blocked, suspended, or terminated at any time for any reason.

You will be entitled to use up to 1GB of data free of charge, no matter how long you stay.  Further data can be bought if required.

You agree not to use the wireless network for any purpose that is unlawful or otherwise prohibited and you are fully responsible for your use.

The wireless network is provided "as is" without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied. We do not guarantee the service or specific rates of speed.  We also have no control over information obtained through the Internet and cannot be held responsible for its content or accuracy.  Use of the service is subject to the user’s own risk.

We are not liable for any damage, undesired resource usage, or detrimental effects that may occur to a user's device and/or software while the user’s device is attached to the service.  The user is responsible for any actions taken from his or her device, whether intentional or unintentional, that damage or otherwise affect other devices or users of the service.  The user hereby releases Go Eco Glamping and its owners from liability for any loss, damage, security infringement, or injury which the user may sustain as a result of being allowed access to the service.  The user agrees to be solely responsible for any such loss, infringement, damage, or injury.

14. Wildlife/Countryside

There is an abundance of wildlife on the site for you to enjoy.  Please be careful and considerate of all the flora and fauna around you.  Sticking to the paths will help preserve the flowers in the meadow for the many insects and birds that rely on them for food.  Do not litter or leave food or rubbish outside.  Be aware that animals, insects and especially birds can sometimes be noisy and as such we cannot be held responsible for anything disturbing your peace and quiet.

Oakvale is not a farm but is surrounded by them.  We therefore cannot be held responsible for the sounds and smells that may be generated by neighbouring sheep, cows, dogs and farmers carrying out their normal farming duties.

The ground at Oakvale can become muddy in places so it is advisable to come with wellington boots or similar waterproof footwear, especially if you want to explore the whole site.

15. Pets

Unfortunately we cannot accept any pets and our planning permission expressly prohibits guests bringing dogs onto the site because of the risk of disturbance to the wildlife (especially our visiting otter).

16. Site Rules and Regulations

All guests must keep to the site rules of behaviour. In particular, please refrain from making high levels of noise at any time.  Generally you should behave in a considerate and safe manner in regard to the site, facilities and our neighbours. The playing of amplified music is strictly prohibited.

In the event that you or any member of your party breach the site rules then we reserve the right to ask you and/or any or all members of your party to leave the site without compensation for the unspent element of the holiday.

Safe use of the log burner in the yurt, the wood fired hot tub and fire pit will be fully explained on arrival and details will also be available in the yurt information book.  The instructions given must be followed carefully for you own and others safety.  Only the wood provided by us can be burnt in the log burner and hot tub, please do not bring your own or use fallen wood that you may find around the site. You may burn your own wood or found wood on the fire pit but you must be aware that the result will probably be very smokey!

Oakvale is completely off grid and although electricity is provided to the yurt it is a limited resource (less than 5KW across the whole site) and we respectfully ask that you be mindful of your power consumption.  Please use the electrical items provided carefully and remember to turn off lights etc when not in use.  There are USB sockets in the yurt that you may use to charge phones etc. at your own risk.  You must not plug in anything other than a small charger without checking with us first.  Power hungry items such as a 2000W hair dryer will cause the whole site to trip and may damage our equipment.  If you have medical equipment that requires power please let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate it.


Off-grid also means no mains drainage.  We have our own private sewage treatment plant but this is sensitive to the strong chemicals in some wash products, hair care products, antibacterial products and bleach.  These are therefore prohibited and you must only use the cleaning products and toiletries provided (ingredient lists are available on request for allergy sufferers).  If you must use your own products for health reasons please email full ingredient lists (a clear photo of the label will suffice) so we can confirm if they can be safely used or not. 


Only toilet paper can be flushed, so anything else such as wipes or sanitary products must be disposed of in the bin provided.  Alcohol or large quantities of milk must never be tipped down the sink or flushed down the toilet as these too can unbalance the sewage treatment plant.  If you need help to dispose of these items, please ask.

As an eco-friendly site we request that you recycle as much as possible during your stay and use the different bins provided.  We will empty these for you at the end of your stay.

17. Risks

Our site is located on a hill in open countryside and as such the ground is uneven in nature with possible hidden animal holes and unseen tripping hazards.  Care must be taken at all times even when on the obvious pathways. 

The wooden deck, steps and the jetty by the lake can all be slippery when wet or icy so extra care must be taken in these areas.  The lake is very deep in places, even close to the edge and swimming is strictly prohibited.  Care must be taken at the lake edge at all times and we ask that you stay away from the lake after dark.  A lifebuoy is provided by the jetty for emergency use.

The stream at the bottom of the hill is accessible but it should be noted that it can be quite fast running and over knee deep in places so care should be taken when exploring this area.

Outside lighting is kept minimal on the site to avoid disturbance to the wildlife so it is only present where essential. It does get very dark once the sun sets, however torches will be provided to aid trips to the car park and/or reception.

The log burner in the yurt gets very hot. Safety instructions must be followed at all times.  Guests should be careful around the log burner and use the heatproof mit provided to open the fire door.  Never put anything on top to dry, it will catch fire! 

The hot tub can present risks when it isn’t used properly and without due care.  The water is deep and can get very hot if the firebox is overfilled or burns for too long.  Full safety instructions will be given on arrival and are also in the welcome pack in the yurt.  The Hot Tub Rules are displayed by the hot tub and must be adhered to at all times.

The fire pit must never be overfilled nor anything other than wood burned in it, especially accelerants such as petrol.  Care must be taken when around the fire and it must never be left unattended.  A kindling axe is available for use if required but use of this is at your own risk.

Whilst we will take great care to keep you safe, we cannot be held responsible for any damage or injury caused by accidents, misuse or failure to follow the guidance given (to the greatest extent permitted by law).  If you notice that any equipment looks faulty and /or unsafe, please notify us as soon as possible.

You are strongly recommended to take out personal travel insurance for all members of your party in the event of an accident and your holiday being cut short.  It is your responsibility to ensure that the insurance you purchase is adequate and appropriate for your particular needs.

18. Day visitors

You can receive day visitors during your stay at Oakvale by prior arrangement only.  No visitors may stay overnight.  You must ask permission for visitors to access the site and we retain the right to refuse and/or ask any visitor to leave the site immediately if we consider it necessary.

19. Force majeure

We cannot be held liable if through Force Majeure completion of our agreement is entirely or partially, temporarily or permanently, prevented due to circumstances which are beyond our control such as pandemic, fire, flood, extreme hot or cold climatic conditions, stormy weather, gales, snow, civil disorder, threat of war, staff strikes, blockades and other interferences or events beyond the provisions regarding non-availability under [9] above.

20. Liability

We accept no liability for theft, loss or damage, of whatever nature, during or as a result of a stay with us.  Onsite parking is provided but vehicles and their contents are left at the owners own risk. We do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to vehicles or their contents.

You and each member of your party will be jointly and severally liable for all losses or damage that occurs either directly or indirectly as a result of their stay.

21. If you have a complaint

We hope you have an enjoyable stay with us.  In the event that there is something that you are not happy about please notify us as soon as possible during your stay and we will do our best to resolve the issue.  If you are still not satisfied with how matters have been dealt with then you can write to us or email us at the designated address in [22] below within 14 days of departure setting out the details of your complaint.

We respectfully request that you do not leave negative reviews online without first giving us the chance to put things right.  Attempts to blackmail for monetary gain with threats of bad reviews, will be reported to the police.

22. Designated address

You can write to us as:-

Go Eco Glamping, Oakvale, Llanwnnen, Lampeter, Ceredigion, SA48 7LF

You can email us at: -

23. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions have been drafted in accordance with and are governed by English law and the courts of England and Wales have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any and all disputes arising out of these Terms and Conditions.

24. Discrepancies

In case of a discrepancy between these Terms and Conditions and any other Go Eco Glamping literature, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

25. Validity Clause

In the event that a court finds that a condition in these Terms and Conditions is illegal or void, the illegal or void provision will be severed from the remainder of the Terms and Conditions, which will continue to be valid and have full force and effect.